Author: Tunnell Trust

Music Coll 2023

All three groups are now installed at An Cride for Music Coll 2023!

Travel to Coll is always an adventure and the Trust advance party enjoyed a fabulous evening in Oban before crossing to Coll.

Blue sky has disappeared to leave much needed rain on Coll now but the sun will return soon!


Aquilae Quartet

Asaka Quartet

Haizea Quintet

Book for our concerts next weekend HERE.


A lovely appreciation of their time on Coll from the Asaka Quartet

A lovely appreciation of their time on Coll from the Asaka Quartet in their social media post.
We would like to thanks all three groups for making it such a special year on Coll. How great was it to be back playing to full audiences again and being able to enjoy the Island hospitality to the full.
Big appreciation post with lots of photos from our time on Coll with Tunnell Trust for Young Musicians last week! What an emotional and unforgettable experience!
A lot of tears, sweat and sand (still keep finding bits in our pockets) and many new friendships between different generations and instruments!
It was super nice to spend those days with our new friends Sylva Winds & Ferrante Quartet, happy to get a sandy photo! (Although no we didn’t contribute to the amazing sandcastle, don’t be tricked by Eriol holding the shovel proudly..) 🏖
Glad to also get a photo with our mentors Jonathan, Charles and Dickie (Scott we missed you!) and thanks @ Isle of Coll for the goodbye rainbow on the last day! 🌈
ioaphotography + tripods and other helping hands