The deadline for applications for 2020 is 30th June.

Please read very carefully!

Before going to our Online Registration process you will need to have the following digital files ready to upload:

1/ Two separate digital sound recordings of contrasting works performed live and unedited by your group. These files must be in MP3, MP4 or m4a format only. We cannot accept video files or any other digital file formats.

2/ References from 2 musicians of standing that know your work. We would prefer them to be uploaded to the Application form but if you need to send these separately, rather than upload them, they can be emailed to the Trust direct.

First you need to go through the:

Registration Process in order to view the Application Form – click here!

Then on the application form:

Step 1: Fill in all the necessary details requested in each box

Step 2: Click on the appropriate buttons on the form to upload your Music MP3, MP4 or m4a files and your References.

You will receive an acknowledgement email and a copy of your application once your application is received.

NB If you have any difficulties with the submission of your application please email the Trust.

Registration Process in order to view the Application Form – click here!

If you are passed to audition, our day of auditions will take place at the Warehouse (near Waterloo Station in London) in mid September 2020. There will ONLY be 1 audition day available. We are unable to hear those selected for audition at any another time.