Sponsoring the Tunnell Trust’s fabulous musicians!


We promote the very best of UK based, emerging musical talent.
Association with these incredible youngsters can only enhance any business profile.
They need your support!

Who we are…..

The Tunnell Trust is a registered, working charitable trust and seeks to support young professional musicians at a tricky crossroads early in their careers. We aim to help provide a bridge between a group leaving full time education and making their way as a performing, professional chamber ensemble. Many other charities support the development of individual musicians but given the lack of support offered to chamber music, in our view the lifeblood of most musicians’ existence, we are desperately keen to offer this support where it is most needed. By offering paid concert engagements to our groups of young musicians, we give them vital performing experience, as well as exposure.

Our core activities…..

The Trust has assisted 107 young chamber music ensembles (428 individual musicians) and 82 different Scottish Music Clubs in 668 concerts in the past 29 years under its Music Club Award Scheme.

Our other core activity is promoting groups of young musicians at our Music Coll study & performance week. The event gives the opportunity for up to five invited groups to rehearse, study and perform for a concentrated 10-day period in July. This event has run for 25 years supporting a further 98 groups (320 individuals) in a further 93 concerts. It has proved to be another hugely useful vehicle for us to provide support to our talented musicians in just the right way at a vital time in their careers. We look forward to the 26th study & performance week on the Isle of Coll in July 2019.

How we fund our activities…..

Our Music Club Award Scheme has always been part funded from our Income, along with support from individual donations and those from other charities.

The funding of Music Coll has always come from a combination of charitable donations, sponsorship and individual donations. Our publicly promoted concerts also help contribute to covering the cost.

Present financial position and fundraising targets…..

Last year was successful for us but we incurred a £8,552 operating loss in spite of many generous charities and individuals supporting our work. Fortunately, reasonable capital growth in our small investment fund meant that the overall picture remains strong for the Trust. We are looking to improve the financial position this year and are seeking support from many new charities and sponsors as well as those generous organisations that have helped our work in the past.

£11,000 towards the Awards Scheme in 2019/20, our 30th Anniversary Season (project cost £23,000)
£16,018 towards Music Coll in 2019 (project cost £21,268)

What can a sponsor do for us…..?

As a working charity we are keen to secure new sponsors for our core activities and new concert series to guarantee ongoing support for our outstanding young musicians.

A sponsor can invite our musicians to perform for them at a bespoke event (which can also be organised by the Trust), possibly to celebrate a company milestone or to entertain important clients and associates. In this way our young musicians receive a paid engagement and vital further performing opportunities.

Any sponsor new to sponsoring the arts in Scotland who joins us will mean we can apply for matching funding from Arts & Business Scotland.

What can we do for a sponsor…..?

We can organise your Bespoke Corporate Entertainment Event around our extraordinary musicians and their performance. You get an evening of wonderful music, possibly followed by dinner at a classy venue.

We have promoted events at many of the UK’s most stunning historic buildings including: Ham House and Syon House in West London; the Signet Library, Physicians Hall and Hopetoun House in Edinburgh; House for an Art Lover in Glasgow; Blair Castle in Perthshire and Beaufort Castle near Inverness to name but a few. Our corporate partners have included: Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of Scotland, PWC, Adam & Co, Caledonian Macbrayne & J & A Beare.

If you sponsor one of our core activities, there are endless points of publicity exposure available as our groups tour up to 25 venues all over Scotland on the Music Club Awards Scheme.

There is also extensive publicity surrounding our Music Coll event. We are also keen to extend awareness of our important work here with live streaming of our public concerts – a perfect publicity vehicle for any sponsor.