The deadline for applications for 2018 is 30th June and we cannot accept applications before 1st May 2018.

Auditions, for those groups selected, will be held in London on 20th September 2018 (this is the only available day for auditions).

Applicants are not guaranteed an audition. Initial selection is made based on the recordings submitted and up to 14 groups only are selected for the auditions.

Applications are invited from May 2018, the deadline is  30th June 2018 for completed entries to reach us. Late entries will be disregarded.

Who can apply

We specifically only invite applications from emerging ‘Classical’ Chamber Groups (up to 8 players) who are British based. Groups are normally expected to be at a ‘Senior Undergraduate’ or ‘Postgraduate’ level. We would normally not consider groups with an average age of more than 30 years old. If in doubt, please send us an email enquiry.

We do not offer awards to vocal groups nor to singers unless an individual singer is part of a larger instrumental chamber group.

We also do not offer awards to instrumental duos consisting of a soloist with accompanist.  Duos in which the players are equal partners, for example in violin and piano or flute and piano sonatas, are eligible.  See Exceptions below.

Quality recordings of live & unedited performances will also need to be submitted – NO VIDEO RECORDINGS PLEASE.

These recordings should be submitted via the Upload Recordings buttons on the Application Form and should be MP3, MP4 or m4a files only. (WAV or any other file type will be rejected)

Recordings of 2 contrasting works should be sent in separate files. The total recording time for both recordings together should not exceed 25/30 minutes.

It is imperative that groups make good quality recordings in order for the Trust to assess their performances carefully. In the past we have been unable to pass groups to audition simply because of bad recording quality.

You will need to submit 2 references from musicians of standing via the Upload References buttons on the application form. These can also be submitted directly from Referees by email.

What we offer for the Award Winners

We offer the Award Winners, selected at our annual London auditions, a series of remunerated engagements in Scottish Music Clubs.

Auditions 2018

If you are passed to audition, our day of auditions will take place at the Warehouse (near Waterloo Station in London) on 20th September 2018.


We do NOT accept applications from individuals seeking funding for general further education at Music College or University. Our award is specifically for established chamber groups ONLY. We are NOT able to offer support to other charities seeking funding for projects.

Important Note on Visa Requirements

Any group members from outside the European Union or European Economic Area must hold the appropriate visa or have a work permit to allow them to work and to accept fees under the regulations issued by the UK Borders Agency. If any group member is from outside the EU or EEA please state on the Trust’s Application Form when you apply what type of visa you have or if you have a work permit please state what type of work permit it is.

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