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Cranachan! (and Bartók)

We are currently collectively wallowing in post-cranachan bliss (pictured right). Alison and her team are far too good to us all! This was some much-needed fuel after our masterclass today, given by the inimitable Ralph de Souza. It was the first time that we had performed Bartók’s third quartet in its entirety, and it was special to do so in front of an audience. Cumulatively we have lost about 20 bow hairs alone throughout the course of today’s rehearsals, and are hopeful that we will have enough left to perform it on Sunday!  We are looking forward to an evening of Scottish folk music at the pub later today.

– Naomi (Kyan Quartet)


Greetings from the Kyans!

On behalf of the Kyans –


We’ve had a wonderful first few days on the Isle of Coll so far after a full day of traveling away from the bustling city of London. This is the farthest north that the quartet has ever been, and we are ready to fill the isle with Bartok, Beethoven, and Haydn. There’s not much more you can ask for when the time and space to work fully on some fantastic repertoire is accompanied by a gorgeous location, great company, and scrumptious food cooked by the wonderful Alison and her team! You will hear from the others throughout the week – for now, our lovely Simon and Suzie are having a Bartok sectional whilst Naomi spends some rehearsal recovery time watching the Euros. In true 2nd violin fashion, I am lounging here in the corner listening and gathering some of the photos I have taken on our journey.

 – Arrival in Oban from Glasgow by train

We’re excited to be joined by the Morassi Quartet and Quintessential for a week full of music making – and maybe a bit of table tennis – ahead. Stay tuned for more updates from the Kyans!

– Sydney



And that’s a wrap…!

What a lark it’s been – the final day is upon us! Breakfasted to the nines, bright and early thanks to the insane hospitality of our hosts, we made our merry way cross-country to Dunblane Cathedral for our fourth and final concert of the tour. We said our farewells, teary-eyed but raring to go and clamoured in the quartet mobile for the final time.

After sitting In a livestock-induced traffic jams crossing onto the Edinburgh bypass, our spirits lifted and so did the rain. The low din of the A-Road gave way to civilisation and we found ourselves in the cobbled streets of quaint Dunblane. This magnificent gothic twelfth century Cathedral was the perfect end to this concert tour, with an ecclesiastical acoustic and a very appreciative audience. The warmth of the green room kept our toes and fingers from falling off, and our stomachs and minds were full after the most fantastic soup and sandwiches backstage – we are slowly getting used to four meals a day! After a rip-roaring Bartok 4, Mendelssohn and Mozart, our wonderful promoters saw us off to Glasgow airport, with packed (devilish) brownies for the car. What a time we had, and how much we have learnt!

Day 2 Melrose

Day 2 –

We had a lovely morning lie in as we were all pretty knackered from the day before and what a delight it was being served an amazing breakfast with a fresh hot pot of coffee by our hosts Jean and Clare! We intensely rehearsed by the blazing fire for 3 hours and then headed off to our next venue in Melrose. Oh! Before we went in the car, Jean served us with the most incredible bowl of spicy ramen! The heat of the chilli definitely woke us up and ready for the concert.
The concert was greeted with a warm and welcoming audience and we very much enjoyed the evening of Mozart, Bartok and Mendelssohn.

Concert in Hawick!

This is the third day of our Tunnell Tour and we are so excited for our concert in Hawick tonight! Our stay in Scotland has been wonderful and fun and the crisp fresh air makes us feel even more energised. We had a three hour rehearsal at Clare’s house before we drove off to Hawick! The audience were so welcoming and warm and we played Haydn, Mozart, and Mendelssohn in the brilliant and vibrant acoustics of the venue. We ate the best soup and cakes so we performed on a sugar high! On our drive back, we had songs playing on the car speaker, from Mary Poppins to rap music, and our happiness levels were through the roof and over the moon.
When we got back home, we were served the most delicious chilli con carne with guacamole, sour cream, tortilla chips, and crumble with ice cream for dessert! We are off to bed now with stomachs exploding and hearts content. Scotland is full of warm people, it is the perfect place to share our love of the string quartet repertoire!