And that’s a wrap…!

What a lark it’s been – the final day is upon us! Breakfasted to the nines, bright and early thanks to the insane hospitality of our hosts, we made our merry way cross-country to Dunblane Cathedral for our fourth and final concert of the tour. We said our farewells, teary-eyed but raring to go and clamoured in the quartet mobile for the final time.

After sitting In a livestock-induced traffic jams crossing onto the Edinburgh bypass, our spirits lifted and so did the rain. The low din of the A-Road gave way to civilisation and we found ourselves in the cobbled streets of quaint Dunblane. This magnificent gothic twelfth century Cathedral was the perfect end to this concert tour, with an ecclesiastical acoustic and a very appreciative audience. The warmth of the green room kept our toes and fingers from falling off, and our stomachs and minds were full after the most fantastic soup and sandwiches backstage – we are slowly getting used to four meals a day! After a rip-roaring Bartok 4, Mendelssohn and Mozart, our wonderful promoters saw us off to Glasgow airport, with packed (devilish) brownies for the car. What a time we had, and how much we have learnt!