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Asaka’s FUN FACT time

Coll welcomed us with fresh rains and winds exactly as the last year!

This is the reason we love Scotland: the nature of Scotland is a perfect model of making music, (quoting from Leopold Auer) anyway it’s so nice to be here again!

Exhausted Glasgow Eriol

This magical island inspired us since the first day: we’re four young people from different corners of the world, also we’re  very capable of talking nonsense which are irrelevant to rehearsals– sometimes it can be very difficult to put on a brake of the adventure of Iona’s fluffy balls (two huge male cats) or Jonathan’s badminton legend  (fine they will be whingeing if they read this) or Eriol’s tale of training a chicken how to fly, or Susie… well everyone knows Susie behaves herself…but a perfect solution was provided by a tiny property on the reception table in An Cridhe: a bell (originally) for beer. 


B******t Bell in action


In order to create a more efficient environment for rehearsal, it was requisitioned by us. If anyone sense a hint of nonsense at any point, he or she would ring the bell immediately. The situation of the bell warning until now: Iona 6, Eriol 4, Jonathan 3, Susie 0.

happy John


happy Sue


happy Eri


stressful Iona!



I think we’ll purchase a same bell in London! 

As we are on an island full of sheep, we would like to share some fun facts with you:

1.If you spot a jellyfish near shore, even it waves lively, it is either dead or dying…

poor jellyjelly


2.A mother sheep can only look after two lambs, if she give birth to three lambs, the third lamb would be taken and given to a mummy sheep which lost her lambs (very sweet isn’t it?)


3.If you sight read Große Fugue, after that you’ll be as dead as this crab



Hope you have a great weekend and looking forward to seeing some of you in concerts!

Aquilae Quartet in Coll

Our journey to Coll was a very long one. We got here from Cornwall, after playing in a festival there – doesn’t get much further within the UK!

We left Penzance at 5 in the morning and after 15 hours and 5 trains we finally reached Oban! It greeted us with a rather wet weather, so we decided to get some good old frozen pizzas and go to bed early.

The next day started rather early for us, too! At 6:00, our ferry departed to Coll – Jake was awestruck by the views of the surrounding Scottish islands, the rest of us slept through everything!

Upon our arrival, we were met by Jonathan who introduced us to the island and guided us to the bunkhouse. We got settled in our rooms, and were ready to have a successful and productive time in Coll.

So far in this course, our schedule has included ample rehearsal time, coaching by some fantastic tutors, and time to individually practice.

When we have not been playing music, we have taken in as much of the beauty of the island as we can! As long as it has not rained…We have passed the free time by going on walks and to the Coll Hotel pub that even had a night where locals brought instruments and performed together

Lovely lovely time!!


Music Coll 2023

All three groups are now installed at An Cride for Music Coll 2023!

Travel to Coll is always an adventure and the Trust advance party enjoyed a fabulous evening in Oban before crossing to Coll.

Blue sky has disappeared to leave much needed rain on Coll now but the sun will return soon!


Aquilae Quartet

Asaka Quartet

Haizea Quintet

Book for our concerts next weekend HERE.


Haizea Quintet – Our journey to coll!

After 3 trains, 2 scottish cities and 1 day of travel, we made it to Oban! We spent the late afternoon exploring the shops and the sights, buying souvenirs and tiny bottles of whiskey, and went to have some pizza overlooking the sea! afterwards we all split up: Benat, Izzy and Niamh went to take in the pub culture 😉 and Sam and Daisy went to take in a concert as part of the International Shanty Festival! earlier on in the day, on our last train, we made friends with someone who actually was singing in the concert, so it was great to see them in action!

After a stay in the backpackers hostel, we’ve made the ferry! We’re all slightly tired but super excited to see the sights of Coll and start our week with the Tunnell Trust!

p.s. It’s actually Niamh’s birthday today, so happy birthday Niamh! very excited to get to celebrate with her today 🙂

A lovely appreciation of their time on Coll from the Asaka Quartet

A lovely appreciation of their time on Coll from the Asaka Quartet in their social media post.
We would like to thanks all three groups for making it such a special year on Coll. How great was it to be back playing to full audiences again and being able to enjoy the Island hospitality to the full.
Big appreciation post with lots of photos from our time on Coll with Tunnell Trust for Young Musicians last week! What an emotional and unforgettable experience!
A lot of tears, sweat and sand (still keep finding bits in our pockets) and many new friendships between different generations and instruments!
It was super nice to spend those days with our new friends Sylva Winds & Ferrante Quartet, happy to get a sandy photo! (Although no we didn’t contribute to the amazing sandcastle, don’t be tricked by Eriol holding the shovel proudly..) 🏖
Glad to also get a photo with our mentors Jonathan, Charles and Dickie (Scott we missed you!) and thanks @ Isle of Coll for the goodbye rainbow on the last day! 🌈
ioaphotography + tripods and other helping hands