Asaka’s FUN FACT time

Coll welcomed us with fresh rains and winds exactly as the last year!

This is the reason we love Scotland: the nature of Scotland is a perfect model of making music, (quoting from Leopold Auer) anyway it’s so nice to be here again!

Exhausted Glasgow Eriol

This magical island inspired us since the first day: we’re four young people from different corners of the world, also we’re  very capable of talking nonsense which are irrelevant to rehearsals– sometimes it can be very difficult to put on a brake of the adventure of Iona’s fluffy balls (two huge male cats) or Jonathan’s badminton legend  (fine they will be whingeing if they read this) or Eriol’s tale of training a chicken how to fly, or Susie… well everyone knows Susie behaves herself…but a perfect solution was provided by a tiny property on the reception table in An Cridhe: a bell (originally) for beer. 


B******t Bell in action


In order to create a more efficient environment for rehearsal, it was requisitioned by us. If anyone sense a hint of nonsense at any point, he or she would ring the bell immediately. The situation of the bell warning until now: Iona 6, Eriol 4, Jonathan 3, Susie 0.

happy John


happy Sue


happy Eri


stressful Iona!



I think we’ll purchase a same bell in London! 

As we are on an island full of sheep, we would like to share some fun facts with you:

1.If you spot a jellyfish near shore, even it waves lively, it is either dead or dying…

poor jellyjelly


2.A mother sheep can only look after two lambs, if she give birth to three lambs, the third lamb would be taken and given to a mummy sheep which lost her lambs (very sweet isn’t it?)


3.If you sight read Große Fugue, after that you’ll be as dead as this crab



Hope you have a great weekend and looking forward to seeing some of you in concerts!