Our trio’s trip to Coll

We are very happy to return to Coll for another week of music making in idyllic surroundings. We were deeply moved by the beauty and peacefulness of the island last time we came and returning has been a very satisfying experience for all three of us.


After a long journey up from London, we arrived at the island for another week of intensive and rewarding rehearsals and coachings. We have been fortunate to work again with Michael Dussek, Richard Deakin and Charles Tunnell.

We are also very happy to share the experience with wonderful musicians from Festivo Winds, Bowker Myslek Duo and Clark Michie Duo.                                                                                                                                                                                                             


A day at the beach…

Tuesday was our favorite day yet. After a busy morning of rehearsals and a coaching session on our ‘new’ piece with Tim, we got our suits on and drove to the beach. To say the water was beautiful would be an understatement…

As soon as it was time to wave goodbye to the beach it was back to our lovely rehearsal space for a final coaching from Lis before she hopped onto the ferry back to Oban.

Safe to say we’ve completely fallen in love with the Isle of Coll, and are excited and inspired… We feel the guidance from our coaching sessions sinking in and are sounding like a more cohesive group by the day.

Festivo land on Coll!

Smiles all round on the ferry last night before we arrived at our destination: the Isle of Coll. Having been excited about this opportunity for many weeks, and after 14 hours of travel – we were very happy to alight and meet Jonathan.

We woke up today refreshed, and were shown to our beautiful rehearsal space with a view…

After some time to rehearse we had two relaxed and productive coaching sessions with Tim and Lis. We are already incredibly excited about what will hold! Stay tuned…

Coll- the true meaning of windswept

Day 1 and 2 on Coll

After leaving Glasgow at 2am on Saturday morning with flute and harp in tow, we finally arrived in Coll at 9am shortly followed by our first coaching session with Pippa (despite barely being able to function). After a quick cat nap and fuelled by delicious cake and tea, we finished the day with 2 more sessions, a long walk accompanied by midges and a well needed sleep.

Waking up fresh and ready to go, day 2 consisted of a lot of productive work and fantastic coaching from both Pippa and Lis. We are feeling excited for the week ahead and enjoying our journey so far here on Coll!


We thank you for your beaches and scary one track roads,

Aimee and Chris