Concert in Nairn

Concert day in Nairn:

We had such an amazing concert day in Nairn! We arrived into Inverness at around 12:30 and our lovely host, Joan, gave us a lift to their beautiful home in Nairn. Joan and her husband made us feel extremely welcome and made us a very delicious soup and spread for lunch. We then relaxed and had a walk in their stunning garden. After quite a bumpy 3.5hr bus journey, it was very much needed!

We then made our way to venue in Nairn at Community & Arts Centre to rehearse before the concert. It was such a lovely hall with a great acoustic! There was a great turn out at the concert and the audience were so receptive and listened very attentively.
Half way through the first piece of the recital (Kiss on Wood), as Daniel was playing on the G string, both his A and D strings completely unravelled… So we had to stop the recital and spend the next minute re-tuning the violin! Thankfully the audience were very understanding and we started the piece again.

We had such a great time in Nairn and it was made extra special by staying with Joan and her husband. They told us many great stories and were so hospitable with everything. They also have the cutest black Labrador called Brodie. We were very sad to leave, but were excited to get on the road to play in Perth tonight. Daniel’s family were coming to watch, so we were really looking forward to this concert!

Thank you again to everyone who came to watch us in Nairn, we really appreciate it a lot!

Our hosts beautiful garden.

The view from our warm up room at the venue.
The hall we played in.

The adorable Brodie with Hanzhi.