Bone-Afide Blog #1 (Inverurie)

We’re very lucky as a quartet to have Angus’ home in Helensburgh.

We had a lovey time staying with his family to break up the journey from London/Berlin.  The next day we started our trip up to Inverurie. (NOT Inveraray…)

First stop at Kemnay was the farmhouse cafe, where Merin helped himself to 4 butteries before realising how unhealthy they were.

We then had dinner with some trustees and organises of Inverurie music.

Inverurie were a fantastic audience of around 60 and were very surprised to see 4 trombones on stage at Kemnay Town Hall.

The concert went down a treat apart from 1 member of the audience that heckled when Merin called Loch Lomond a lake…!

Sylvia, was a fabulous host. We shared a bottle of wine and chatted until early hours of the morning.