Haizea Quintet – Our journey to coll!

After 3 trains, 2 scottish cities and 1 day of travel, we made it to Oban! We spent the late afternoon exploring the shops and the sights, buying souvenirs and tiny bottles of whiskey, and went to have some pizza overlooking the sea! afterwards we all split up: Benat, Izzy and Niamh went to take in the pub culture 😉 and Sam and Daisy went to take in a concert as part of the International Shanty Festival! earlier on in the day, on our last train, we made friends with someone who actually was singing in the concert, so it was great to see them in action!

After a stay in the backpackers hostel, we’ve made the ferry! We’re all slightly tired but super excited to see the sights of Coll and start our week with the Tunnell Trust!

p.s. It’s actually Niamh’s birthday today, so happy birthday Niamh! very excited to get to celebrate with her today 🙂