Author: Clark Michie Duo

Coll- Escaping to the beach

Day 3 and 4 on Coll

Monday was a hectic yet rewarding day with 4 coaching sessions with Pippa, Lis and Tim. All 3 were approached differently yet equally exciting which made for a productive day. We finished by performing to each other in an informal concert and really enjoyed getting to listen to the other groups!

After a fun filled evening with everyone, we woke up on Tuesday morning ready to go again. We had another 2 fantastic coaching sessions from Charles and Lis, but what really got us through the day was the field trip to the beach. It was so beautiful and nice to get some down time all together. Chris unfortunately ventured too far and suffered the consequences- sandy, soaked jeans. We then returned back to rehearse alone, consolidating all the useful advice from the tutors and developing our own ideas.

Aimee and Chris

Coll- the true meaning of windswept

Day 1 and 2 on Coll

After leaving Glasgow at 2am on Saturday morning with flute and harp in tow, we finally arrived in Coll at 9am shortly followed by our first coaching session with Pippa (despite barely being able to function). After a quick cat nap and fuelled by delicious cake and tea, we finished the day with 2 more sessions, a long walk accompanied by midges and a well needed sleep.

Waking up fresh and ready to go, day 2 consisted of a lot of productive work and fantastic coaching from both Pippa and Lis. We are feeling excited for the week ahead and enjoying our journey so far here on Coll!


We thank you for your beaches and scary one track roads,

Aimee and Chris