Bone-afide Blog#3 (Howick)

After our lovely stay in Crieff we had a beautiful drive down the east coast to Hawick near the borders. We went first to the lovely Andy and Mary’s house who were putting us up for the night in their amazing house. Mary had made us a lovely soup and let us spend time with their dogs, which was the perfect way to relax before a concert!

On our journey to the Hall we had some bad luck and Isobel got a flat tyre – a quick session with AA and thankfully the day was saved. Finally we made it to the hall and with a quick coffee we were ready to have our rehearsal/sound check for the concert. After our successful sound check in the lovely hall, we had a few hours off before the rehearsal to relax, practice and fill up on biscuits!

The concert was lovely with a warm, excited audience sitting round tables after having a group meal. Everyone was so kind to us and many enjoyed hearing a trombone quartet for the first time! It was amazing to share what the trombone is capable of to new audiences. We then headed back to a lovely night with our hosts for curry, ice cream and whiskey before having a well earned rest before heading to Moffat.