Salomé Quartet – Dumfries

Today we are in Dumfries, the town of Robert Burns and J.M.Barrie!

We had a lovely afternoon meeting and playing for a delightful group of primary school pupils. We talked about all things strings and played a varied selection of excerpts of string quartet repertoire – safe to say Shostakovich 3rd movement was the winner of the session, with quite a few of them dancing along to this explosive movement.

There was an abundance of enthusiastic interactions and questions, and the most popular question following the Shostakovich was : “how do you not break your instruments when you play that?!”

Our first venue was the birthplace of Peter Pan, Moat Brae. Amongst the many rooms filled with intricate exhibits paying tribute to J.M Barrie and the famous novel, was the room we performed in, overlooking a beautiful garden view through the glass windows – what a magical place for our first concert!

Huge thanks to everyone in the audience, and to those who looked after us so well 😀