Salomé Quartet – Isle of Bute

We had an amazing time at the Isle of Bute yesterday and enjoyed performing to a lovely and warm audience. We fell in love with the island from the first sight and were sad that we didn’t get to see more than a tiny sliver of it – we will definitely have to come again and explore! Our concert was at the beautiful Trinity Church right by the sea front. We have been told that only a few years ago the concerts had an audience of about 30 people, but last night we played to over a hundred, which with only around 5000 people on the entire island is pretty impressive.

We are on the road again after a day in Bute, taking ferries and country trains throughout this tour which is a quite a different travel experience to what we’re accustomed to in London. We are taking in all the sights and are being reminded that people’s lives outside London move at a different pace and we find ourselves tuning into it as well. It’s lovely to stay next to the sea, to breathe in different air, and to see and experience different towns.

Now, we’re on the way to Linlithgow for tonight’s concert. Looking forward to visiting two more places!