The snow is back!

It was very sad to leave Orkney but the 6 AM ferry didn’t leave us much time for long goodbyes. It was all very poignant with sudden extreme snow which accompanied us till we arrived back in the Lyth Arts Centre. After a few hours of a sleep catch up, we were ready to rehearse again. We were wondering if the remote location and unpredictable weather will stop our audience from coming but they didn’t disappoint and we had a wonderful time with a very enthusiastic, rapturous public.

On Thursday, we took off to Inverness. After a rather lovely drive, we ended up in the most incredible city and we made our way to the hall which turned out to be rather spectacular. Both the piano and the acoustics were perfect. My brilliant page turner provided me with the best support and the organisers and all the visitors gave us a very warm welcome. We were on a real high after this performance, there were so many special aspects to the day! It was lovely to have a little “social’ later with our lovely hosts and their friends. Yet again, we were spoiled and felt grateful for their hospitality. Loads of stories and anecdotes were told and we happily stayed up till late.