Perseus Duo Blog#2 (Dundee)

A very lovely day in Dundee, we had a lovely day at the Premier Inn. Since our concert is at 730pm, we decided to walk around a bit. We went up to the Dundee Law, which is the highest point of Dundee and you can overlook the city. Though in order to enjoy such a scene one needs to make some effort. It was a mere 3 miles from the hotel to Dundee Law but it took us nearly 20mins on the car! What happened? Well, we somehow drove onto the Tayroad bridge which led us away from Dundee. There were some confusing roads so I would recommend driving slowly just to be ensure you are not leaving Dundee if you don’t intend to. Later on we went on to rehearsing at the Marryat Hall, beautiful place to play in. The host was very lovely, they brought us some sandwiches and fruits. The green room was beautiful where both of us actually had a great nap(don’t worry we didn’t oversleep) We had some very lovely audience. After that we drove to our next venue – Crieff. First concert done, 5 to go!