From Fort William to Helensburgh, blog post no.2

We arrived in snowy Fort William ready for our second concert and spent the afternoon hypnotised by the beautiful mountains. Our second performance was at Lochaber High school and included Barbers Summer music which warmed us up nicely. We also performed a UK premier Quintet a Vent by Silvestrini before ending with an old favourite Ligeti’s Six Bagatelles. After a good night’s sleep in a swaying bunk bed we drove to Helensburgh. We had been warned of treacherous pot holes and ice so we stocked up with a good breakfast in preparation and crossed our fingers. The journey went smoothy in the hands Alice the stig Quayle and the stunning mountain views kept us quiet.

After fueling up with tea we gave our third concert in The Tower Digital Arts Centre with more Nielsen, Danzi and stocking fillers inbetween. Off to Dunblane tomorrow.