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Palisander’s Snowy Highland Adventure!

Yesterday we enjoyed a spectacular drive from Crieff to Fort William, through Loch Lomond National Park & Glenn Coe. For many of us, it was the first time seeing so much snow, so we simply couldn’t resist pulling over to create a recorder playing snowman!!

Lochaber Music for All hosted us in Fort William last night, and we were thrilled to see so many in the audience. Like last night, there were a number of recorder enthusiasts we chatted with about temperament & instrumentation; as well as many people experiencing our instrument for the first time.
Our favourite question from an audience member: ‘is the bass recorder design inspired by a drain pipe, or a drain pipe by the bass recorder?’

Today we head to the Isle of Eigg, where as well as performing a concert this evening, we will also be visiting the local school.
First, a strong coffee!


Palisander have arrived in Scotland!

Four recorder players & 25+ recorders arrived in Scotland  ✅ 

First concert given ✅ 

Following a rather dramatic start, with a member of the quartet pulling out of the tour for medical reasons with 24 hours to go, we are thrilled to have made it to Scotland to start our Tunnell Trust adventure!!

We need to say a huge thank you to Rebecca Vucetic, who stepped in as our fourth member. She had possibly the most productive 4 hour train ride ever, learning the parts on the ride from London – Edinburgh!


We received an exceptionally warm welcome from Strathearn music society.

Chatting with the audience in the interval and following the concert, it was lovely to discover that for many of them it was their first time hearing our instrument, the recorder, in all it’s different shapes and sizes, with music spanning 1000 years!

We were also thrilled there we a couple of fellow recorder enthusiasts in attendance, who had some in depth questions about breathing and articulation, to relay to their own recorder ensembles. Go team recorder!

After rehearsing this morning we are heading to Fort William, presenting our Double Double Toil and Trouble programme, all about the links between music and magic with Lochaber Music for All tonight.

Can’t wait!