Magnard Ensemble Tour Blog 4: West Kilbride

Hello Again!! Concert day number 4 of our tour has flown by in a whirlwind! The day started off with another extremely scenic drive, this time taking us right up the west coast, with lovely views such as this…

Arriving in West Kilbride it was nearly straight to work, but not before gorging on all the scrumptious goodies, cooked by our lovely host Paula! She knows the way straight to Magnards’ hearts…

Next stop West Kilbride primary school where we were greeted by a host of inquisitive 10-12 year olds. We had a lovely time giving an interactive concert in the school and enjoyed fielding some of the most unusual questions we’ve ever had! A personal favourite – “If you could add just one more instrument to your band, what would it be??”


[photos courtesy Chris Maughan]

The evening took us on to the lovely West Kilbride Village Hall. This was a very special evening for us as we had the huge honour of SIR JAMES MACMILLAN coming to watch our concert! We having been playing his stunning piece, Untold in every concert of this tour and Joe also beautifully opened the concert with Macmillan’s wonderful From Galloway for solo clarinet. We had the chance to chat with the man himself before and after the concert (and what a lovely man he is!), and he very kindly also introduced his two pieces. He was very complimentary about our performances, so we are right chuffed!!

We’re honestly not making this up – here’s the proof!!

[photo courtesy Chris Maughan]

At the very least, we reckon he enjoyed it more than the venue’s chairs…

Our programme also included more Scottish gems, with Jon playing part of Peter Maxwell Davies’ Sea Eagle, and Suzie, Mana and Cat playing a very seasonally timed piece by baroque composer James Oswald, The Snowdrop. The snowdrops were even out ready for us in our hosts’ garden!

We’re now off for the final day of our adventure, heading off to the Isle of Arran, so over and out for now!