Day 2: Dundee to Glasgow

From Savitri: 

On arrival at the Steeple Church in Dundee, both Richard and myself did a double-take: there was no piano in sight! This was obviously slightly problematic for #BeethovEnescu, and we didn’t think the ‘supernatural piano’ (see photos) would quite be an adequate substitute. It was very dramatic, would the concert take place or not?! At last contact was made with the piano company and we discovered that (through no fault of Dundee Chamber Music) the piano was still over two hours away! We were extremely grateful to David Robb for offering us the use of the piano and front room so spontaneously, enabling us to rehearse – very necessarily after travelling for 7 hours! 

After these adventures, (ticking off the ‘Spring’ Sonata and op 30/1 from our list), and a delicious post-concert fish pie with our hosts, we had an early start this morning to get to Glasgow for our lunchtime recital at the University. On entering the Concert Hall, we were met with a slightly different sight to yesterday – not one but six keyboard instruments! A Steinway concert grand was laid out for our concert, and behind it stood a whole family of instruments, including a historic ‘Erard’ piano (famous as being Chopin’s favourite piano), a fortepiano, and a harpsichord. What a wonderful collection Glasgow University has! 

It was very enjoyable to play the Beethoven sonatas in E flat op 12/3 and G major op 30/3 – our first performance of op 30/3 together. And quite something to have already played four different Beethoven sonatas and the Enescu ‘Scenes’ in less than 24 hours! Our time in Glasgow was short and sweet, and we’ve now arrived in Falkirk ahead of tomorrow’s concert in the Town Hall. Slightly brain-dead after the intense day, full of yet more delicious home cooking, I’m going to get an early night. Tomorrow’s instalment of #BeethovEnescu features the first Beethoven sonata, Enescu ‘Scenes’ and the demonic ‘Kreutzer’ sonata.